Hogar Zacarias Guerra

Who We Are:

¨El Hogar Zarcarias Guerra¨is a private, nonprofit institution founded in 1914. Directed by a board of directors and managed by the Tercianos Capuchinos, Hogar Zarcarias Guerra fully educates and houses children and teenagers that were once victims of abuse, abandonment, and orphan-hood in Managua, Nicaragua.


We hope to educate and care for those in need by the application of the principles of Amigonian Pedagogy, guaranteeing the rights of children and teenagers. Hogar Zacarias Guerra´s goal is hold the upmost standard of care and accountability for children and adolescents, ultimately demonstrating Christ´s love.


Our objective is to provide integral education, job training, and personal development through our caring faculty and personnel. Through teachings and care, we strive for reintegration of the child with their family, the social environment, previous educational facility, and/or future occupation.


We work to:

^ Provide quality nutrition, clean places to live, and adequate medical care for children.

^ Equip children with a Christian education and life skills.

^ Raise a generation of children prepared to be significant contributors to their society.


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